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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
naah, I know a few that deserve selection, including a few with not much more than 300 games.
Never mind.... Brent Seabrook was selected, I just had forgotten.

Originally Posted by JustOneOfTheGuys View Post
Of course not. The purpose of this is NOT to find the overlooked guys who should have been drafted!!! Yes, that was the prime goal of the MLD/AAA/AA/A.

No, instead the B Draft is to be about guys you PURPOSELY wouldn't draft, all things considered, but there was a good reason to be tempted to draft them earlier. That is, there was a strong plus to the guy, but also there was a minus that held you back. As stated in the op, find the guys you would be tempted to offer a tryout contract to, would invite to an all-time great camp because of something about their career was great. All picks in this draft should be about greatness!! A pick great in one aspect but awful in another aspect is much better than a middling mediocre pick. Look for the lottery pick!! Look for the guy who has shown reason to think he can perform well in all-time competition. Please, don't just pick the next-best stat guy from some rolling AA draft list. Pick the guy you had reason to pick earlier but your better judgement held you back, something held you back. Maybe he was too injury prone, bad character, too inconsistent, maybe the competition level of the league wasn't high enough, maybe he lacked peaks or alternatively lacked career length, maybe there simply isn't much info on the guy and itself held you back.
I'm just not sure the concept hits home with me personally. When I'm drafting a player I try to look at the overall package including peak, longevity, durability, character, etc. If there was a guy I passed on in the AAA draft because of character, chances are I would take him at the AA level, and so on. So what I'm dealing with at this point is guys I didn't even deem worthy for the 4-team mock A draft. In other words, I already feel that the best overall picks have been made and anyone taken after is bound to be a lesser player. But that doesn't mean that I can't, or that you guys can't, occasionally get a guy that slipped through that makes us all go "oh, right! that guy!"

If we uncover a dozen of those, good for us.

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