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01-15-2011, 06:29 PM
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Blues pass one that one. Pietrangelo may currently be having a better season then Johnson but it's to early for the team to choose one. I would much rather have a dominant Blueline with Pietrangelo and Johnson then a year and a half with Penner. While Johnson and Pietrangelo are both defenseman they are very different players. Currently Johnson is a much more physical presence on then Pietrangelo is. Pietrangelo plays a smart poke checking game currently instead of the more physical Johnson does. Johnson currently has a better slapshot from the point IMO also. Pietrangelo may in general be out playing Johnson it's still close with both having a lot more upside then they have shown. Both Johnson and Pietrangelo should be 50 point defenseman with a very good defensive game. Johnson being the more physical of the two. Those just aren't players you trade for an unknown and Penner.

This years draft really has no clear superstar players so the pick while nice you still wont get the caliber player you did in the last few drafts.

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