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01-16-2011, 12:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Homesick View Post
Wow St. Louis fans overrrate their players more then any other team I've seen.
Hall is and always will be better than Oshie
Penner is worth a lot more than Cole(average prospect comparable to Alex Plante)

The Oilers should be a better team next season with Penner, and one of Larsson, Couturier, or Landeskog in the line up over EJ.
Hall is not the 2 way player Oshie is. Oshie was also on pace to outscore Hall this season before the broken ankle. Currently Oshie is the better all around player. Hall should be a better offensive player then Oshie most likely next season.

You honestly do not know much about the Blues players. Oshie should be a 65-75 point player with a great 2 way game. Hall most likely will be a PPG player.

Also Cole is a better prospect then Plante. Cole would be a top 4 defenseman on the Oilers right now. The Blues are just very deep defensively. Cola only gets the nod over Cole due to currently being a better offensive player. Cole at worst is a #3 shut down defenseman that puts up 15-20 points. at best a good #2 shutdown that puts up around 30-35 points.

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