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01-16-2011, 01:56 AM
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Originally Posted by JustOneOfTheGuys View Post
Lesser pick, yes, all things considered. But in some ways GREATER in some aspect or other. Your pick is supposed to be of guys who stand a snowball's chance in hell of performing well at at least the MLD level in some capacity for some period of time, even in just a depth role.
We're on the same page, just on different lines. Because when I think of every player I'm currently considering selecting, I can think of one or two things they are certainly good enough at to be a fill-in at a higher level. I could really just select the players I have on my shortlist right now, but instead of highlighting them as overall players, or as "next-best" guys, I can simply single out the attributes that make them a possible short term MLD contributor and that would hopefully satisfy what your idea of this draft is.

9-5=4 is better than 2+2=4 if you get my drift. An exceptional (9) aspect but with drawbacks (-5) is better than a middling (4) mediocre guy. Judge guys not be the overall equals to summary but by the potential greatness demonstrated, by the 9s, at least for this draft.
I get this, and I can think of a handful of 9-5 guys.

Originally Posted by JustOneOfTheGuys View Post
...not to win any championship at this level...
By the way, I really hope there is no championship or competition to this other than perhaps an all-star team. It's far too much "splitting hairs" when you get this far down. I much prefer the groupthink of assessing the players than the competitiveness. Even at the "AA" level we were pushing the limits of when a legitimate competition is possible.

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