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Originally Posted by BlueCollarBlueBlood View Post
At this point, getting Jesper Fasth in return for Sagg's isn't that bad of a return. Yeah Bobby's name had the luxry of having the term "1st rd pick" attached to it but the kid had no heart and hundereds of other player are 1st rd picks that arn't even sniffing a pay check anymore.

Fasth has been a VERY interesting prospect & considering how far down the AHL depth chart Sagg's is for Carolina, I'd bet they wish they had that pick back and Fasth in return.

As far as the Wolski/Grachev debate, I kind of wondered the same thing after the news broke. This was the first thing that popped into my head when I read the title theday we made th trade.

I look at it this way though. If Wolski works out then that was one heck of a trade and it puts less pressure on the orginization to rush Grachev before he's ready. If he is to be a 'power forward' for us then that style of game will take time to develop. In the mean time, taking on Wolski's contract free'd up a few bucks and at worst we ride it out for the same length as the Rozy deal, and a little less painfull, he is a UFA after next season so that makes him a trade deadline rental next season, which given his modus opperendum, he needs a season and a half in blue for us to get a read on what he does for us.

IMO, this is actually a good thing for Grachev unless Wolski reaches his potential, then it screws Evgeny up on a personal level but either way NYR doesnt really lose unless both player crap out.

Time will tell.
Good post.

-1 for incorrect usage of modus operandi.

Operandi is the adjective. Singular form is modus operandi, plural is modi operandi. Operandi is the plural of operando, which is the gerund form of the verb operare, "to operate." /latin grammar lesson.

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