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01-16-2011, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Strauss View Post
Look, I want FiOS + MSG HD as bad as everyone else on these board, but I do not understand why people are so surprised as to why Dolan withholds the HD feed. Should he give up one of his few bargaining chips to the competitor? Its not as if Verizon is innocent from playing hard ball while at the same time pissing off potential consumers, and this is coming from someone who holds a good amount of stock in the company. What I am trying to say is it astonishes me that people have trouble seeing why Dolan "won't just give it up" or "let justice prevail."

It benefits me in two major ways, if MSG HD is on FiOS, but I can also understand why he withholds the HD feed.
Why does it surprise you that people are sick to death of corporate maneuvering that in no way benefits the people who pay for the service?

It's especially hypocritical for Dolan to withhold because every time he goes on a radio show it's to complain about how the NFL withholds their package from cable and how angry he is about it.

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