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Originally Posted by Vujtek View Post
Nielsen had also played 4 full seasons in one of the best leagues in Europe before joining Islanders. While this is only Jeffrey's 3rd year as a professional.

Also you made it sound like Nielsen made the jump to NHL directly. That's just not true. He spend the majority of his first 2 seasons in North America in AHL and only became full-time NHL'er at the age of 24.

And I like how you downplay Jeffrey because he couldn't stay in the Pens' lineup as a 20 year-old in his 1st year as a professional. You know the same year the Pens won the Stanley Cup. Must be a bad prospect for not being good enough to become a key factor for a Stanley Cup winning team as a 20 year old while playing his 1st year as a professional. Yeah right. If anything it shows he's a good prospect for even getting NHL games under his belt back then. And since then Jeffrey has improved each and every year.
no all I said was neilsen signed later, and Im not saying jeffery hasnt improved, Im just saying he's been passed by, by other prospects

Ive repeatedly said he needs to do something to be noticed again

Im just saying I wouldnt trade a 30 goal scorer for someones failed or passed over prospect

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