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07-03-2005, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Bruwinz37
I am not in denial. I said we were just having some fun. Almost like a "what would you do as GM" type thing. Why are you so incapable of grasping this?
It's not a question of grasping. You are trying to claim that what you describe is different from a projected lineup. It's not.

Now please stop, you're embarassing yourself now. It's like Bubba Clinton trying to debate the meaning of the word "the".

It is not a martyr act. The thread asked about grandfathering. I answered it and got attacked for it. If you and your cronies want to think that contracts will be grandfathered, fine, it doesnt bother me.
You've missed the point. ULF said that he thinks it WILL happen, but that since there is no CBA, it has not in fact happened yet. You tried to claim something as fact when there is no agreement yet. That's all.

I will remember next time I post here though that if you dont agree with the party line you will be attacked and called a troll. But dont worry, it wont stop me.
Oh, I know it won't stop you.

Trolls are persistent, if nothing else.

What "party line"?

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