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01-16-2011, 05:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Zundo View Post
You are making some good observations here, but a few more things to consider....

When healthy, we were playing terrific hockey. That can likely be expected, especially as our young guys get better, which they seem to be doing (even if its been slower than we would like).

Next, you have to factor in that the Blues are likely to get Penner like production from Tarasenko relatively soon.

Finally, our budget does not allow us to add Penner without salary coming back the other way. To further complicate this, we need every player that is currently healthy and on the roster, unless its Boyes, a fourth liner or Carlo. The rest of those players are to critical for the type of system we play/ are building and they fit the budget well. Unfortunately for us, none of our available players make sense for the Oil.
I understand but injuries can affect a team a ton especially when they're key players to your organization. I do factor the Tarasenko asset but do you believe he will just fit in like that? is he going to produce like you want him to? this is relatively a different league than the KHL. I think you guys would be better off letting Tarasenko rip it up in the AHL if St.louis can but then again he will definitely be an NHLer sooner than later. That's next season talk any who.

I really don't see St.louis making the playoffs with how tight the west is at moment, points are crucial at this stage and thats a big reason for this proposal as well. Trust me you don't want to be playing Conklin if you don't have to so hopefully Halak doesn't get fatigued or injured. Penner would be a very effective 1st or 2nd liner on the Blues, he does play physical, he is farmer tough and has valuable playoff experience, I would hate to see him leave(nevermind our 1st round pick) he provides Edmonton with experience but to me it's a quality vs quality trade. I know St.louis don't need Penner but he would be a beast in the playoffs for the Blue's if they run into a more "physical" team, mainly Penner would be a factor and impact player when you need those players come March and April. Playoffs are always vital for a young organization, so no one should count on being in them next season either.

I understand the budget and cap but that's what trade deadline is for, then again there is nothing wrong with St.louis when all players are healthy. I remember winning a lot of money at the begining of the season when I put money on the Blues over Penguins haha any who the main point to this thread was to improve Edmonton's defence but it's not as bad as some think when healthy and some are still developing, I think a Ian Cole proposal would make more sense at the end of the day as his value is not as high as AP or EJ.

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