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01-16-2011, 05:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
Taking the #2 as being true, for arguments sake here... I just don't see Lou reasoning... even if the #2 was on a delay, assuming the #4 would be this coming draft... Dealing within the Division in a year that you are in a fight with them I agree is a no-no... However, when you are trading a rental in a year where you have no chance for the postseason what the Hell difference does it make being within the Division... Look at it this way, Lou, you could weaken your Division foe down the line when it matters.

On a dead in water season IMO it is best to get the biggest bang for the buck... and this would even possibly put them one chit above the Flyers in the future... maybe a return deal in equal but reversed circumstance.

This is just a case of hate for an opposition... and the want for them to fail, today, tomorrow and forever I suppose.

Have at it Lou... the inmates are now running yous asylum... WTF?... The Devils may have cooked their goose for the long run; but oh what a lovely superstar you have for what may be your lifetime.
Langenbrunner had an NTC so it's possible he could have had a say in it. I have no clue why he wouldn't want to be here though.

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