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01-16-2011, 08:58 PM
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Originally Posted by johano90 View Post
Say what you want about his occasional defensive fumble but he is going to be missed for sure. The fact that he is a veteran leader in the locker room as well as on the ice and has the heaviest point shot on our powerplay should not be overlooked. I find it almost disgusting that we are concerned about this impact on us getting or not getting a 2nd round draft pick for him... The guy is our captain, played with a broken jaw and finger, and you are concerned about whether or not he will make it back in time for us to trade him?

This is assuming of course that we will be out of the playoff picture 6 weeks from now, meaning, that you actually have no real faith in this hockey team. I'm not trying to look at things through rose-colored glasses as I recognize that the chances of us making a significant push to the playoffs are slim. That being said, the first thing to cross your mind when this story breaks should not be a general concern for a 2nd round draft pick. It's not like we are the NJ Devils this season, even though most of you seem to desire that outcome more than our current decent hockey team.

This may be unrelated to the topic of the thread, but I feel like it needs to be said. To those of you saying that the only way to save this franchise is to tank this season, I would advise you to look into the prospect rankings for this year's upcoming draft. Scouts are unsure of who to rank as the top prospect and there is even consensus that anyone in the top 10 may go first. Meaning that there is no clear cut Stamkos, Crosby or AO who would save our franchise. You may actually get the best NHL player at pick 9 or 10. With that
in mind I say we have every reason to be optimistic about the rest of this hockey season.

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