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01-16-2011, 08:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
General rule: take whatever it would take to pry a particular player loose if he were signed as an RFA. Then start substituting.

Nash would be in the highest echelon, which is four first-rounders (and also meaning that I really miss the five first-rounders for the sake of this discussion).

For the original proposal, let's take a look:
Regin or Foligno
Roster Player (not named Erik Karlsson or Jason Spezza)
2011 1st Round Pick (appears to be Top 10)

2011...that's one first-rounder. Regin is on an ELC but has shown extremely sporadic flashes of doing anything, and has done not much this year. Foligno hasn't improved much since his rookie year. Yeah, they're 24 and 22, but neither one would crack the top two lines in Columbus. There isn't much value to either one of those guys as it currently stands. There also aren't many roster players who would fit into the parameters of what Columbus is trying to put together, and the two best ones are either well on in years (Gonchar) or probably untouchable (Karlsson). Either way, a combination of "one of Regin or Foligno" and "a roster player" doesn't come close to much of'd be looking at something like a 2rd- and 5th-rounder there, and that's a stretch. So that leaves Rundblad, who would not fetch two first-rounders without having actually not only made the jump but also hit the ground running.

So basically, we're looking at the value equivalent of a first-rounder, let's say a 2nd and 5th, and David Rundblad for Rick Nash. I don't really need to point out exactly how unbalanced that would be.
Rundblad, arguably, is worth more than a 1st. He was worth a mid-round 1st to Ottawa LAST year, and his value has gone up more.
Ottawa's first this year is Top 10 minimum, so that's also a consideration.

I'm not sure if I accept your premise that Regin or Foligno (not first round draft picks) are nowhere near first round picks; I mean, would you rather a mid round first draft pick or Regin? I don't know. Regin is ahead on the development curve, but obviously he may not be the home run you could potentially get. Foligno is a former first round pick himself.

I don't think the value is THAT far from the four first RFA comparison.

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