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Since about 40% don't want any trades, it makes sense to have a trade and a non-trade conference. Choose your conference, random placement within the divisions. My vote 3-4-1-2:

Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
3. Trade conference, no-trade conference. (this has other logistical issues, such as what to do about draft order since the divisions are supposed to be based on it, as well as that it's doubtful exactly 20 teams will want to be in the no-trade conference, but if this option is the most popular we can work these things out)
Those who clearly want trades, put in trade conference. Those who prefer no trade conference, go there. Those that don't care fit in the remaining spots.

Random draft order followed by random placement within divisions within the chosen conference (quite an easy process: put 1st overall in the first division of the conference they chose; put 2nd overall in the next slot,, whether that be 2nd division of the same conference as 1st overall team or 1st division of the other conference.

If this option is voted for.

Step 1: Find out who wants to be in Trade Conference and who wants to be in Non-trade Conference.
Step 2: Assign the don't-cares to the remaining spots.
Step 3: Random draft order.
Step 4: Assign to divisions based on draft order with just one constraint: slot them into the next divisional opening within the conference they have chosen.

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