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01-16-2011, 10:02 PM
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Originally Posted by DubiDubiDoo View Post
Oh, I'm not against the buyout, I'm just think how the f@#% does Sather go to Dolan and say, ya know how we had to move Redden to the minors and your paying 7 million a year to a minor leaguer??? Well now we have to pay Chris Drury 5.5 Million over 2 years to NOT play for us.....

If I was Dolan, i'd make Sather wash my cars....
2 options

1) Buyout if we make the playoffs and earn that extra revenue and Sather can say "See what I had to do with redden and how it worked, well this is what I have to do with drury." That is only if we make the playoffs IMO.

2) Give Dru the option of retiring. I think giving him a job as an assistant or some management position and saying, look we still get his leadership, he can still help with the kids, both the rangers and Drury saves some face if he retires. If he gets bought out it certainly doesn't look good for drury and I have no idea on what team would want him in there lineup, this is a team where everyone works there butt off for the most part, and drury just looks like he lost a step or two.

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