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01-16-2011, 11:33 PM
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i haven't lived in the boston area in almost 10 years.

i must have missed a lot to see a lot of people acting like spoiled, whiny, greedy children. i waited for my beloved red sox to win and would have gladly given anything in my life to see that happen. patriots fans used to be the same way.

the boston fan has been spoiled by too much success. you guys obviously don't remember what it felt like to get stomach punched in games like this. it makes that win in the big game mean more. game 7 of the 2003 alcs was one of the worst nights of my life. i didn't sleep for about a week and lost 15 pounds during that playoff run. but they won it next year.

nothing is good enough for people anymore. i remember this used to be an also-ran team that got hot sometimes and might win a game or two in the playoffs. success has clearly gone to the heads of a lot of people and it's kind of sad to think what has happened. the patriots had a better record this season. it got them a bye and home-field advantage. then they went out and played a team that was more prepared and executed better than they did. this happens. it doesn't lessen anything that the team did this season. they lost a win-or-go-home game because they failed to execute the plan. i don't know how else to put this guys: other teams are trying to win too! and right now until brady and belichick are gone, the patriots are in the sights of every team in the league.

but to act like babies about a game like this is just silly. they played what they felt was their best and got beat by a team that executed better. used to be that people in new england would wince, stumble a little and get behind the team again. now, everyone wants to stand back and point fingers. support the team or get lost.

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