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01-16-2011, 11:38 PM
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Melville selects Luke Richardson, D

Richardson has some definite redeeming qualities that make you wonder what he'd do at the next level. For one thing, he was remarkable resilient: The guy played over 1400 NHL games, easily the most among undrafteds, over 300 more than the next guy. He was known as a good leader, even when he wasn't serving as Columbus' captain for most of two seasons. He had great size - 6'3, 208 lbs. And he was a tough customer.

He was never known as a top pairing guy but you can do a lot worse than average 18.3 minutes a game for 1400 games. He was definitely considered valuable in his prime. You may recall in 1997, he was one of those rare "Group IV" free agents; 10-year veterans earning less than the league average. He cashed in that summer as it seemed half the league wanted his services.

Richardson's career looks a lot more impressive if you cut off his three season Leafs apprenticeship, when he was not ready, and his post-lockout career, when teams signed him to be a #7 and locker room presence. This is still a period of over 1000 NHL games with 19.5 minutes a game.

Why not take Richardson? Well, he was slow of foot. And as relied upon as he was, it was often for poor teams. He played in the playoffs just 8 times, getting out of round one just three times. His best moment was likely getting the 3rd-most minutes on a strong Flyers squad in 2000 that got to game 7 of the conference finals.

He averaged a minute a game more than Marc Bergevin, for 200 more games.

Originally Posted by Hockey Scouting Report 1997-98
Richardson is the kind of player you hate to play against but love to have on your side. He hits to hurt and is an imposing presence on the ice. He scares people. He separates the puck carrier from teh puck down low... When he is on the ice, his teammates play a bit bigger and braver. Richardson plays hurt... you can seldom fault his effort.

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