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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Youre taking the identity the rest of this team has developed and trying so hard to apply it to Gaborik. Unfortunately, he has NEVER BEEN the type of player that you want to see, so whats the point in complaining about it? Whether hes hurt or just in a slump, hes not going to be the guy that goes out there and lays it all out on the line every single shift.

And enigma is an offbase description. Like I said, hes played like this his entire career, but the difference is hes been able to strike at points during the game - and has proven over his career that when hes on the ice, hes a goal scoring threat. Period. Enigma describes a guy thats never lived up to his potential.

It just bewilders me that when goal scorers go through slumps, theres almost always catcalls for him to be something hes not/has never been. You say you want to see more "heart" "desire" whatever....well what the hell does that mean? Sounds to me like you want to see him throw a big check and get into the dirty areas of the ice.

Well, hes never ever ever done that before, even when he was scoring in bunches last season. The guy is banged up and going through a rough patch right now...he deserves criticism, but he doesnt deserve people completely misreading the situation and pleading for him to be something hes not.
Gaborik is a quiet guy. Hes very nice and reserved kinda like Lundqvist.

It still baffles me how some people want to trade him for more 3/4th liners cause they "fit in the system."

This system is a grind it out system because WE LACK TALENT. Tortorella has mentioned this ever since day one himself. Once the team gets some real chemistry going offensively im sure he will adjust back to the "safe is death" philosophy, as this style only suits this team while the talent is relatively young and inexperienced save for Gaborik and Lundqvist. He tried that out his first full season and look what happened. He had to adjust his gameplan because this team just isnt ready for it yet.

So yeah, trade our only elite talent for some more 3rd and 4th liners and when they get burnt out by the first round, you can pine about how we need talent again. Brilliant I say!

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