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01-17-2011, 03:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Glennsoe View Post
I have to ask to experts here, but what do you guys think of his numbers so far ?

12 games, 2 goals (4 if you count the penalty shot goals) and 5 assists with a +2 overall...

Is this good? Great? ok? as expected? less than excpected?

I know the team hasn't scored a whole lot these past 12 games, so that's one explanation to the low numbers...

I think he's done fine, if his team mates had read him better and vice versa he'd be having better numbers....
He is on pace to score 50 pts.

There are around 100 players, on 30 teams, that score 50 pts or more per season.

So, on 20 teams he would be top 4 in scoring if he kept it up. On 20 teams he would be the highest scoring 2nd lineer if you can assume that the 3 highest scoring players playon the first line.

50 pts is very very good.

You can not basically score much more then that without scoring a lot on the power play.

I would say that he is looking fantastic, given that he is a rookie, have a lot of potential to imrpove -- and what not.

Another great thing is that he haven't been taking much beating at all.

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