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01-17-2011, 06:26 AM
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The standard sharpening is called a Radius of Hollow (ROH) which means the stone used to sharpen the blade has that size radius on it. The curve of the hollow is exaggerated for visual representations sake but that's the basic idea. The larger the circle, the flatter the curve (1/2"). The smaller the circle the more it digs in and gives a deep hollow (5/16").

I'm not sure you'll get an answer to your measurements as blades are rarely the same exact width and the differences between sharpening radii are TINY. By the sounds of it they just number their sharpenings from deep (more bite) to shallow (less bite; flatter). I doubt '4' is an actual measurement of any kind. Maybe ask them for an explanation of exactly what the 4 stands for next time you go in?

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