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01-17-2011, 09:49 AM
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Originally Posted by sparxx87 View Post
In fairness, if Wheeler is a different player this year I wouldn`t know. I`ve seen maybe one Bruins game this season. However, watching him at times last season he looked Russian; Incredible skillset, but forgets to turn the switch on every night.

Leafs need top 6 forwards, not 2-3rd line tweeners.

As I said, fair or not, IMO Leafs need one of Bergeron or Krejci in return for a Kaberle package.

Wheeler may be a better play this season, but he still isn`t worth Kaberle straight up.

A lock to finish in the top 10-15 in d scoring every year, Wheeler alone wont fetch Kaberle.
At times last year Wheeler looked like he wasn't sure what he was supposed to do, this year it is a different story.

I have no problem with you saying it would take more than Wheeler to get Kaberle, I tend to think that is probably how it is.

However, for Krejci or Bergeron I doubt it would happen. Maybe if they were UFA's to be, but they aren't and it would take Toronto adding a significant piece to land one of those guys I would think.

As good as Kaberle is, he isn't worth what the top d-men in the league are worth. He just doesn't have the defensive skills to command the same type of deal that Pronger or Chara type of players would get. He is what he is, an offfensive minded playmaking d-man that any team trading for knows it is a very good possibility that he will only play 30 or so games plus the playoffs for their team.

It is probably far better for the Leafs to re-sign him long term and I am really surprised that Burke hasn't been more active in trying to accomplish this. Who knows though, they may be having talks now and we just don't know about it.

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