Thread: Proposal: Visnovsky to the Bruins
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01-17-2011, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by DucksFan08 View Post
Anaheim gains a 1st rounder. 2st rounders are always a good thing. Maybe you can package them to trade up. Wheeler could be a very good match with Getz & Perry. If not he can work with Ryan who makes every player around him better. Getzlaf, Perry, Ryan, Lupul & Wheeler. Pretty decent if you ask me.

I know Visnovsky is playing great and if we don't trade him I'm fine with it. But looking at the future it may not be a bad move. Lydman, Fowler & Sbisa are playing awesome right now. Sutton is also starting to play better. By trading Visnovky we create a lot of cap room. Cap room which we can use to sign a younger D man (pitkanen for example).
Visnovsky has a big contract. If his game gets worse next season and the seasen after that we're stuck with $ 5,6 mil. I think trading him now when his value is high will benefit us in the long run.

I didn't want to include Beleskey because we're pretty thin up front. Beleskey will be a very solid 3rd liner. Something we really need.

Oh and Lydman is awesome. That guy is so underrated. He's a plus 26 or something on a mediocre defense. He's also chipping in nicely on the offense.
And what happens if we don't sign a FA d-man, or if we do one that's on a ridiculously inflated contract?

It's just not a good deal for Anaheim, we get minimal assets in return, I'd be looking for something better then Wheeler or Ryder tbh. And trading him for a first rounder, well what happens if the first rounder doesn't pan out? We're not a selling team so I don't see why we would trade him and leave us so thin on defence?

We're not even that thin upfront for next season, specially if Ryan stays at center. We give up even more defence, why?

Sutton has played better for the last game or two, but who says he will sustain that?

And if we make Fowler our #1 PMD then I feel we will seriously jeopardize his development, he's already under a lot of pressure being on that second pairing, I wouldn't be in favor of putting even more pressure on the lad.

I just don't get this at all

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