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01-17-2011, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
I am just curious if any Oiler fan can subjectively tell me what the impetus would be for Hemsky to sign an extension this summer?

I'm not trolling or joking around, just curious as to what Oiler fans feel are the reasons why he (AH) would be eager to sign an extension when you guys are at least one more season away from competing for the cup if not longer. Again, I think that you guys have an amazingly talented young team who, with patience can become a contender and remain one for awhile.

Hemsky to a team that is a couple of years ahead of where you are right now (of even closer depending on the team) makes more sense to me from a player with his skillset and at his age then playing on the Oilers for another year or two as you develop into a contender.

If I am Hemsky after dealing with so many injuries I would have to look at the next two years of being in my absolute prime as being very important so I wouldn't be so inclined to sign an extension.

But you Oiler fans have a way better feel than I do for Hemsky and his situation so if anyone can explain things to me I would appreciate it.

Hemsky is still young, dedicated, loves the the Edmonton market and what it provides and understands how talented the youth are on this team, Oilers are missing key injuries and have been losing games lately only by one goal. Yhe kids are only going to get better every season and once the team maintains its health, Oilers will be fire.

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