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10-09-2003, 09:34 AM
Jon Burke
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If the Canucks were to move Bertuzzi, what would you offer for him?

First off, I am not saying that the Canucks should move Bertuzzi, nor am I predicting that they will. However, Bertuzzi wants a great deal of money (he apparently rejected an offer from the Canucks that would've made him the highest paid player on the Canucks at more than $5 million). I know he's had a great past couple of seasons and deserves good money, but the reality of the matter is that if he wants too much money, we'll have to find him a new address. The Oilers and Flames have had to do it many times, and I think that the Canucks may have to move him.

Bertuzzi is probably the best power forward in the NHL. I'm sure many are willing to debate, but the fact is he's pretty damned hard to stop when he puts his mind to it. He's impossible to move from in front because of his strength, and he's pretty good at tipping pucks and screening goalies. So he's a tremendous asset on the power play. He's got a pretty nice shot, a nice package of dekes and good speed. I won't kid you and proclaim him to be a great defensive player, nor will I say that he never takes undisciplined penalties. However, wearing the "A" as the Canucks gave him, may cause him to mature as a player.

Now to what we'd likely expect in a trade for him. First off, we'd probably prefer to trade him to an Eastern Conference team that we only play about once or twice a year. If we're playing against him five times a year, he'd probably kill us as he did so many other teams. And I personally would expect AT LEAST a top six forward, bona fide prospect and a high draft pick. If you really want to sweeten the pot, add another top six forward.

Go for it!