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Originally Posted by Valhoun View Post
Fighting is absolutely a part of hockey. A fight is given a very minor penalty (5 minutes) versus potentially season long suspensions in other sports.
I don't really see how fighting figures into "hockey". It's an illegal play 10 times out of 10, and will earn a player a minimum of 5 minutes in the box.
Summary of Major Penalties
(i) Boarding
(ii) Butt-ending
(iii) Charging
(iv) Checking from behind
(v) Clipping
(vi) Cross-checking
(vii) Elbowing
(viii) Fighting
(ix) Head-butting
(x) Hooking
(xi) Illegal Check to the Head
(xii) Interference
(xiii) Kneeing
(xiv) Slashing
(xv) Spearing
If Avery thinks he's cute, jumping Carle like that, and the referees don't want to call it for what it is, that's cool. I don't want my guys sitting for 5, anyways, or risking a minor against. What I do want is Shelley out there running around like the 800 pound gorilla he is, and I want the Rangers to know they precipitated the fallout the moment they got away from playing "hockey". That's just my opinion, though. The dude abides (by the rules).

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