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01-17-2011, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Isles_Guy View Post
I never said he cant play I just said he's failed in his opportunities and he sure as hell isnt worth a 30 goal scorer like Moulson.
You called him a "reject" several times. Way off-base.

You also said he failed in his opportunities, which is also misinformed.

you guys think hes so damn good Why isnt he playing on your team? the fact is you were trying to pawn him off as a good forward prospect, when the real prize prospect in your system is Tangradi.
It's been explained to you. He's caught up in a numbers game on a team filled with Cup-winning vets on one-way contracts. Next year, with vets coming up on UFA in the summer and Jeffrey almost certainly looking for a one-way deal, he'll be in the NHL. He has nothing more to prove in the A.

You're right about one thing though - Tangradi is the prize forward in the Pens system. But Tangradis don't get dealt for UFA Moulsons - however, if you can find an example of a similarly well-regarded prospect getting dealt for a playoff unproven UFA like Moulson, we'd all love to hear it.

I'll wait.

I'll tell you this though if the kid ever scores 20 goals in a season Ill come to your board and say I was wrong and take whatever abuse you can dish out, but I want the penguin fans to do the same when he doesnt and he's traded or cut. Penguin fans were feeding Isles fans a load of garbage about how good he is and I was told differently
Jeffrey may never score 20 goals in a year - his future NHL role is still very much undecided. But seeing as how his value isn't restricted to scoring goals, that's really not a pressing concern.

But he sure isn't getting all accounts, he's been the Baby Pens' best player by a country mile.

Originally Posted by CREW99AW View Post
NY Newsday and ESPN report that both Moulson and the isles want to get an extension done.I expect an extension agreement will be reached,so Jeffrey's NHL potential isn't a concern for me,but I gotta point out that there have been plenty of guys who played very well in the AHL,then been unable to bring that success to the NHL.
Of course. That was never in doubt.

The problem is when people start labeling a 22 year old who's playing great in the minors as a "reject" simply because he's caught up in a numbers game.

That's dumb. Several current quality NHLers have taken a similar route to the NHL.

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