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Originally Posted by kingpest19 View Post
No they wouldnt. The only one that had done anything in that group was Quincey and he was traded to fill a hole. Boyle, Purcell, and Moulson were all given chances and failed.
I gotta disagree with you somewhat kp.

Ive made my position clear on how I see our losing out on or moving along the players that people hold DL accountable for making a mistake on and they also include Mikie the Squid, Rome and Frolov along with Boyle, Purcell, Moulson etc.

All teams and all gms do these exact same things and from time to time get bitten in the tail for it, DL has just done this more frequently and has been proven wrong more often than not when he does in as far as weather or not the player(s) he release will become established NHL caliber players.

We can add several players that the Kings have given up like Jon Sim and Jared Smithson as close examples of the actions of another GM but in the end all GM's do the same thing from time to time.

Where Brian Boyle is concerned he was never given a legitimate chance as a King.

My position is in line with what Boyle said himself when he left and that is that he would be pulled aside, asked to change his game drastically (Scoring center to D back to scoring center to checking center even though he has never been a checking line center and then dealt when he takes more than one stretch of games to prove himself under his new and to him conditional position) and then after being asked and moved into the new position he was given very little if any instruction or direction on how to succeed with his new responsibilities.

Boyle was shanked by DL plain and simple in my opinion and he looks to be proving this notion to be correct but it is still too soon to tell just yet.

Matt Moulson was a scoring forward who had a nice two way game. That is what he was when we picked him up and what he was expected to be until things changed and he was told that he was going to be a 3rd/4rth line complimentary winger.

According to MM he didn't understand why but he began to "work on becoming the best two way forward that I could be". His scoring went down as it would with anyone who is told that they are going to become a defencive player but he managed to pick it up after a bit and keep his game going.

TM would give MM brief looks at the NHL and then send him down to the farm and here is the part that makes me critical of DL. MM said pretty much the same thing that Boyle would say and that is that there simply wasn't any direction. One minute they were playing well and were valued prospects and then they were told to play a different game then they have played throughout their time in hockey and when they didn't instantly become exceptional at their new positions they were pushed aside and dealt/allowed to walk.

All GM's do this with players from time to time but you rarely hear highly regarded prospect leave an organization saying the exact same thing regarding the amount of coaching/direction that they received.

DL has brought in an abundance of talent and in the forever of time that I have been a Kings fan I can't remember a time when we were so deep on D or in goal so I am willing to give him the benefit of a doubt where these players are concerned but, I won't go so far as to say that DL did the right thing by them or that they were incapable of becoming solid NHL players.

They are proving themselves right and proving DL wrong and that's fine. It happens.

Quincey shouldn't be used in these comparisons in my opinion simply because he was an established asset that DL used as part of a trade to bring in a player that was used to fill a position of need. He (KQ) wasn't dealt or allowed to walk due to a perceived inability to succeed in his part in my opinion.

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