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Originally Posted by CBJSprague24 View Post
I liked the mix of George & Bill on the radio because George had his rapid-fire, enthusiastic style of calling the game & when you wanted sort of a recap of what just happened, Bill came in with it and the "verbal replay" along with an explanation. Example:

George: "Nash, in and across the line, centers for Vermette, there's a DRIIIIVE, and a save made with a stoppage in play, 6:04 left in the second period of a 1-1 tie."
Bill: "And you know what, a great effort by Nash, he carried in with Vermette the trailer, gets it to Vermette, he had the lane and room to shoot, got the shot on goal. Could've used a little more there, might have had him had he gone glove instead of stick side, but a good effort by Antoine with a better stop by Jimmy Howard."

It complemented George well on the radio.
I worked at night quite a bit the first few seasons. A lot of second and third shifts, and a lot of time alone, so the radio was often my only option. I really enjoyed those two on the radio; they just seemed to make a good pairing.

I guess I can deal with the pairings we have in the respective booths, but the way the team handled the changes two years ago seemed somewhat bush league. As I understand it, teams usually let broadcasters know where they stand in February/March?

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