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Originally Posted by Winroba View Post
As opposed to what?

He's been bad this season but his production is still up to what it usually is, he needs to be traded!!!!

Clearly Gillis wants him here or else he would be gone. Having a perfect team with the salary cap is impossible. He can't be hurting the team that much, or else they wouldn't be first in the league.

Boy, with all these problems Canuck fans keep complaining about, you'd think the team was far worse in the standings (Samuelsson is bad, Tamby shouldn't be on the team, Raymond can't do anything right, Torres & Manny aren't producing).

The team is fine the way it is right now and I trust both Samuelsson to bring his production back around and I trust Gillis to do what needs to be done if he can't.

Im just going to keep cutting and pasting my response from earlier in the thread to the other guy who said "BUT HIS NUMBERS ARE ON PAR!!!!" "PLAYOFFS" and "CUP RING"

Really? Its not about offensive numbers.

This is not embellishment. 80% of the time Samuelson touches the puck transitioning through the neutral zone or in the offensive zone the play dies. He either coughs it up, makes a bad pass, shoots it wide or dumps it to nobody. He has absolutely no confidence and no inherent offensive awareness. On top of this, he is an absolute scrub defensively. I cant count the number of times the puck was 1 stride away from him which he has ample time to get to for a clearing attempt, but instead chooses to just stand there in position and watch as the other team continues the cycle. He is absolute garbage.

So, they are ok with this? A team which prides itself on being strong defensively, keeping guys to the outside and playing a puck possession game is ok with this? Really?

Oh, and i forgot to mention he has no place on this team. The above mentioned issues are why he isnt on the top 2 lines. Those lines are offensive lines expected to produce, and he has proven himself to be a hindrance. His weak cycling game and poor offensive awareness renders him less useful with the Sedins than Burrows. Sure, he can produce with the Sedins, but so could Aanson Carter. Equally, i might add. He has no place on the second speed line. As he isnt fast, and also because of above mentioned issues. His status on the third line is in question also. With Malhotra's A grade defensive game and torres' physicality while chipping in offensively, Samuelson is simply out of place. He is just no good defensively. So, where does he fit? Hes on the third line for a reason, and even there he is more a hindrance than useful. He no longer has any place on this team.

Mark my words, if he isnt traded its not because they dont want to trade him, its because they couldnt find a reasonable offer. This guy is by far one of the worst players on the entire team. He is a momentum killer and a defensive liability. Hes utter garbage and needs to be traded. I dont care what for, just get rid of him.

Ok, now that ive cut and pasted that, let me tell you something. The Caps, Habs and Pens have all shown interest in Samuelson. He is a goner. Mark the trade deadline on your calendar because i will be bumping this thread when they dump him.

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