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Originally Posted by Swamp Ape View Post
I have to get my post count up. here are a couple of links:

This link is an album of misc rink photos:

The rink is 30X25. This was my first attempt. It helps that I live in Northern MN and it hasn't been above freezing in a long time. I only used plastic in the deep end, which is about 8" deep (Mainly where the boards are).

I made and use a flooding tool out of PVC. It works awesome to get a thin layer of ice to fill in grooves:

Right now I have a 4 year old and it is great to have a rink outside the door. Sometimes he skates for two hours, some times he skates for 5 minutes. It is great not having to drive to find ice. He actually can skate with no assistance now, so that is great.

We have had several gatherings. Neighborhood kids (with helmets and parents), just my son and I, and a mini adult tournament which involved a campfire, grill, and a decent number of adult beverages jammed in the snowbank

Overall it has been great. Next year I am going to go bigger. I am still looking for a decent way to edge the rink, and a better system than shoveling/snowblowing and then sweeping before flooding.

Thanks for listening to my story.
Nice job! As for a better system than shoveling/snow blowing/sweeping before flooding, I have no idea if this would work, but how about covering the rink with a real big tarp when you're not using it? With small amounts of snow you could quickly remove it all, with a bigger snowfall you'd still have to shovel off most of the snow so it's not too heavy to move/lift, but at least you wouldn't have to sweep? Maybe this is totally impractical, never tried this idea myself as I grew up in downtown Toronto where there were always tonnes of city maintained rinks close by.

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