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Originally Posted by blokeyhighlander View Post
Originally Posted by Copeland View Post
This may be a stupid question, but... Can you get Sherwood 5030 woodies in a flex lower than 87??? I've only seen 87s and to cut those babies down for my 5'4 height would make the flex go through the roof...
Grab an INT 5030 - it's 70 flex.
Also, 5030s are pretty flexy to start with for a wood stick, and even the senior sticks are on the short side as well, about 2" shorter than a standard senior stick (so more like 58" than 60"). If you normally cut 4" off a senior stick, you'd only have to take 2" off a 5030, and it'd still have plenty of flex. Besides, wood and composite flexes aren't that comparable, my senior 5030 is way easier to flex than my senior Easton ST (85 flex).

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