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01-18-2011, 09:13 AM
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Originally Posted by jfried View Post
Be real dude... Lecavalier makes $7.7m for the next 8 years, and has been on a decline over the past 2 1/2. He's not a really good #1 centre anymore, he's become a mediocre 1st line C that then got pushed down the depth chart to #2. He's currently the 5th highest paid C in the league (where 6th makes $400k less), and that does not seem destined to change anytime soon. Richards will be looking at a paycut and Stamkos might get into that range.

Burke should be looking for a young guy to grow with our team.....not an albatross contract to a declining player that is going to screw us over for the next 8 years -- the time frame when we actually have a chance to be good. If Toronto wanted to get rid of Komisarek, they could do it with a lot less pain.
99% of centers in the league would gets "pushed down the depth chart to #2" if Stamkos were on their team.

Richards will not "be looking for a paycut", he's having a career year & is looking perhaps to get his last contract (big dough, long term).

The only way Burke rids himself of Komisarek is if he sends him to the Marlies (ala Finger). No way any team takes him in a trade unless an equally ugly contract comes back to Toronto (Redden?).

You are the typical homer fan. Always knocking center options when your team is a basement team who has very lil prospect depth, no 1st round picks 2 years in a row, & your resident Sniper is rotting away w/ crap centers. Kessel would be ecstatic to get a legit center to play w/. Where is this "young center to grow w/ the team" coming from jfried??? You counting on B.Richards?? As a previous poster mentioned, you will be let down once you find out that another star UFA doesn't want to play in Toronto (Thornton, Nash etc..) Burke will have to take a chance on a prime aged center who perhaps is a lil overpaid (just as he did w/ Phanuef). That is unless he trades Schenn, which I dont think he will.

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