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01-18-2011, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by therealkoho View Post
Ring ring

“Stevie it’s Brian, I’d like to talk to you about Vincent”

“Hey Burkie, I’m listening what didja have in mind”

“Well I was wondering if you feel the need to move his 80+m”

“Jeez I don’t know Burkie, he’s still doing a pretty good job for us”

“Steve lets just cut to the chase, would you rather have four firsts for Stamkos or would you rather move the Lecavalier contract off your books”

“Brian you’re not saying you’d offer sheet my guy would you”

“Not necessarily but someone else might, LA is hungry y’know, I’m not sayin they would, but I’ll bet they kick tires”

“did you hear something, I mean that would be a disaster if that happened, we’ve got some good kids coming up and things are really happening here, but I’m handcuffed by this budget I have to adhere to”

“Yep I know that and thats why I’m willing to help you out, heres the deal, I like Tyler Bozak he’s a good kid and plays well and maybe deserves a shot at winning it all and the bottom line is you still may not have the goaltending, but next year, you might if you go after Breezy. With Vincents contract still on the books you may have a hard time putting all those moves together”

“So whats the offer other than Bozak, whom I’ll admit is a good looking kid and I think will be a solid Pk/2nd line centre, but I can’t do this one up, I’ll look foolish”

“I’ll send you Tyler, Jerry D’Amigo and my 1st in 2012, you can send me back Vincent and your 1st this summer and considering the money I’m taking off your payroll another 1st in 2013”

“How about we swap firsts in 2013”

“Sure Steve, but only if you throw in you’re 2nd in 2012”

“Done Brian and thanks a lot, I really appreciate it”

“No problem kid and call me Burkie all my friends do!"
Maybe we can then turn around and trade our 2013 first for Gomez, why not offer our 2014 for Wade Redden. I think Burke has learned his lessons on dealing first rounders. I don't care what Bolts fans or any other fans for that matter think how good Vinny is, the contract would be a disaster for the Leafs. If Vinny wmpas to come to Toronto, the Leafs might as well give up of any hope of winning the Cup for the next decade.

Tampa seems happy with him at the moment so keep him there, that might his best fit

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