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01-18-2011, 01:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Remember2004 View Post
If Iginla would to go to Boston Tor 1st would have to be Involved but I'm pretty sure Bos would not give that up and +

Tor 1st rnd 2011 (top 5)?

mid level prospect

Too much from a Boston perspective?
way way way way way way way too much...

all superstars carrying igninlas type of salary traded in recent years go for what heatley/thornton and company fetch

there is definitely no lottery picks involved. there is no young affordable first line studs involved

you get back useful second line talent...

a realistic offer that calgary might be able to expect would be someone like colborne as the center piece of the proposal... project him as a top second line talent... then someone like ryder. I know ryder is overpaid at the moment, but he is eligible for a contract extension and realistically would be taking a huge pay cut next year.... then someone maybe like Mark Stuart? I know he is an impending ufa, but again he is eligible for a contract extension.

if Calgary likes zach hamil, i bet Boston would not consider him a deal breaker and would toss him in

calgary would mostly end up with cap space if they do deal iginla. anyone trading for him will be terrified they are getting an over the hill guy with many years left at 7 mill, so they wont want to destroy their prospect base making the trade.

calgary can and should want more young players... just as boston should have wanted a hell of a lot more for thornton, but you only can get what other teams are willing to give up.

boston cant afford iginla's salary even if he was cheap in a trade though... not unless savard can be moved and probably thomas too. simply moving ryder wont cut it. he has to move just to cover the bonus money owed to seguin.

the one player on calgary that makes great sense for boston to go after is rene bourque... affordable... signed long term... a lw...

Lucic/Bourque/Marchard would be a good set of top LWs to compliment Horton/Seguin/Caron on the RW and Krecji/Savard/Bergeron in the middle.

this leaves wheeler/colborne on the outside looking in as trade bait

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