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01-18-2011, 12:57 PM
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From the Bruins board:

Originally Posted by OrrOverGretzky View Post

First off you cant go by what King's fans are saying about Hickey. Ask people that watch these guys for a living and get their take, and often times its different from what fans think. Look no further than our own board. In every thread you will find people say "Wheeler sucks" (Hickey for LA) and then there are those that truly understand the game and see him for what he's worth.

As for what would it take?

Well when the Sturm trade went down, some of you will recall i called it a "you scratch my back I'll scratch yours trade" and to expect something else down the road as it wasnt a Sturm for nothing trade. In other words, Lombardi says this is the trade i want to make and Chia says well you have to help me now because i cant wait and i have to clear cap space. Lombardi says ok we'll take him off your hands now as part of deal B later. Think about it logically for a moment. The deal fell through because Sturm wasn't ready. Okay fine. 29 other teams would have said forget it, but they worked it through. IMO the initial Sturm trade is included in the potential next trade.

Now, throw this into the equation : Greeley (LA's head pro scout) has been at 4 consecutive Bruins games. He also had with him at least 1 other scout and on one occasion Lombardi himself. They are not in Boston to look at prospects they are there to scout the pro roster. If it were Toronto scouting the Bruins i'd call it coincidence because they have over half a dozen pro scouts. LA has 3, and 2 of them have been at Bruins games for the last four games when they should have been scouting other teams. That, is not coincidence.

Finally on the LA talk, i know for a fact one other team has inquired about Simmonds. That is the jist of the conversation i had with someone who would know, and all he would say is they've inquired. Does it mean Simmonds is available? No. But when someone in LA (who is also the same person that told me that they were going to be acquiring Sturm in the near future) says that the Kings would be willing to part with Simmonds in the right package, and someone from a totally different organization says that they've inquired about Simmonds, then i have to think that Lombardi has put the word out that just about anyone is available (save the obvious JJ, Doughty, Quick etc). And since they are scouting Boston much more than any other team then 2 + 2 really does equal 4.

Some neat discussion in there.

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