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01-18-2011, 01:11 PM
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Originally Posted by BeastoftheEast85 View Post
Would the Devils do better this season without Kovy? Kovy didn't cause Parise's injury or the failed season, so Langs would probably be rented anyway along with any other fallout.

And Parise has never expressed anything but commitment to NJ. He does a lot of local charities and has always done signings for the fans. He just recently hired an agent who is negotiating a new contract. With Arnott coming off the cap, the Devils have enough to sign Parise.

And just because Kovy got huge contract doesn't mean Parise gets the same. Look at the Richards and then the Carter signing after the Flyers signed Briere. They both took home discounts despite the fact Briere got a huge contract.

In the unlikely even he demands a ridiculous amount of money or a $100 million dollar contract, then he is an RFA not a UFA and devils would earn 4 first round picks.

Who said he'll sign an offer sheet? He hired an agent, who will probably have him file for arbitration this summer. Lou will be forced to tear Zach down in the hearing to save what he can and.... well we'll just have to see

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