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01-18-2011, 01:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
When he blossomed into being the heart and soul of our team on both sides of the puck, and his loss would have a demonstrably negative impact on our team.

Guys are going to run Timonen. It isn't going to stop, and you're incapable of stopping it from happening. The very proposition of it happening is on par with you finding a unicorn in your backyard tomorrow.

The correct response is to run their D in turn... that might make them pause, but Prust doesn't care if you challenge him to a fight.
I agree with running the opposing d-men too. But at the same time having the issue addressed at the time it occurs is imortant IMO. I do not want him to challenge the fight, I want the Flyers to dictate how the games are played, not have it dictated. yes they got the 2pts, congrats, I just wonder why in the world they could not get the 2pts and address the issue of Prust who had been stirring things up all night.

Maybe this is another topic, but it is a shame Richards has lost a little of that fire that made him so popular. At least I know he gains most of that back during the post-season, but in times like this I know someone like Iginla for example will take matters into his own hands.

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