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01-18-2011, 01:59 PM
We don't need one!
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Originally Posted by flountown View Post
You realize that all the guys we are talking about are only 23-25 years old. I am currently living at home at the age of 24, it sucks, but I am sure it wouldn't suck if I could put my parents up in an adjacent condo and have them take care of stuff for me and allow them to never have to work again. I am sure if they are mackin' it in the city they just post up at one of the guest rooms in Olde City or a hotel. You act like they don't all have a handful of other friends where they hang out who have copious beds for sharing time with plenty of women. Just saying, living at home with parents/with another older player in a larger house isn't really cramping anyone's dating efforts.
So you are comparing yourself with millionaires? Living with parents and siblings should cramp one's sex life unless you're Will Farell and yell at your mom to get you meatloaf...

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