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01-18-2011, 03:16 PM
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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
lets call a spade a spade here.

gaborik has been atrocious. last game, he had his first gaby like snap shot we are used to seeing.... in about 2 weeks. really.

i mean this guy has been so bad, its got to a point now that when he does anything good, even a decent shot, i notice it. last year, he had multiple shots per period like that.

i was shocked to see marion gaborik glued to the bench in the 3rd period of a close game. never thought i would ever see that

i say its equal parts

a. lack of timing due to injuries. seems this is coming back albeit slowly. he insists hes healthy.

b. lack of confidence. season long malaise needs to end soon.

c. lack of luck- hes hit posts, crossbars and missed by inches alot.

whats really got me concerned is hell go periods without even a decent chance. thats really scary even typing that......
One of the few times that I'm in full agreement with you, especially the bold. I'll add that, it's also gotten to the point that, whenever he does ONE good thing like you mentioned, fans who don't want to admit he's truly playing awful use that ONE thing to defend him, when, like you said, we should be able to expect a few of those PER PERIOD.

Originally Posted by McRanger View Post
Agree with pretty much your whole post.

Although I would add "lack of effort" on there as well. Sadly.
There's no denying it. It's not JUST timing, confidence and luck. He's simply not doing enough to pull himself out of this slump. I've heard this knock on many players over the years, so I'm not just talking about Gaborik, but some players don't know how to work themselves out of a slump and their effort actually dips because they're so discouraged not seeing results rather than having the response you would expect someone to have, which is to work harder to get the results you want. Gaborik, I'm not saying doesn't care or doesn't want to win/produce, but he hasn't put in the effort he needs to make this better.

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