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01-18-2011, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
So David Legwand is "tough" compared to Mike Fisher? Quite the opposite. Legwand is a perimeter player most of the time that gets tossed around physically. Fisher does the tossing.

I know we like to dream up every intangible for our first born son (Lewgand), but Fisher is better in most people's eyes.

The reason Legwands career highs are slightly better is because Fisher was on the 3rd line for the better part of this 1st 5 years in the league, where as Legwand was on a scoringline most of that time. As for the recent, Fisher scored 25g to Legwand's 11g in similar ice-time. He's got twice the goals this year, on an Ottawa team that is not clicking at all.

But here, reason is thrown out the window when it comes to our 1st born. People say they wouldn't trade Lewgand for Zetterberg. .
I'll take Zetterberg for Leggy.

As for the rest, that's rubbish. Statistically, it was shown that Leggy has better stats. Stats also show Leggy as a superior (compared to the whole league) defender. And to say he played on a scoring line his whole career: we didn't HAVE a scoring line until we signed Sully and PK, and who were the guys he's been playing with the last couple years? Guys named Ward and Smitty, I think - that's a scoring line in my book, you betcha'.

Let Fisher be better in people's eyes, I'll take results - measured contribution. Stats say Leggy.

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