Thread: Confirmed with Link: Paul Holmgren earns 3-year contract extension
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01-18-2011, 03:22 PM
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Originally Posted by phillyfanatic View Post
I will get smoked for defending this, but whatever. When JOnes was signed he came off an amazing playoffs and was an important part of a makeshift defense (we didn't have Pronger then). We needed to keep him and overpaid. I remember talking about this before he signed and most people thought he was going to get about 2-2.5 million for three years and got 2.7 for 2. Bringing him up on re-entry wasn't smart, but I truly believe HOmer and management didn't expect anyone to claim Jones at the 1.4 it cost. However, I think they have learned from that. Look at other teams on capgeek - most teams have at least 1 player "buyout"/reentry, we have zero and therefore we are able to spend to the cap.
This is crazy talk... folks thought Jones was going to get like 1.5M. Holmgren thought he was going to get like 2.25 or whatever in arbitration, so he overpaid him for 2 years (as opposed to 1) for reasons that cannot rationally be explained.

Jones was terrible and anyone that watched Flyer games should have known that. I assume Holmgren watched Flyer games.

We traded Upshall like Detroit traded Leino. IT is difficult to lose a player at 6.5 million (Briere) for most of the year and have him return for the last 10 games of the season without it causing problems for you. We lost Upshall to get Giroux up, it wasn't a "bad move" it was a "salary cap casualty". Just like Leino had to be traded when Datsyk and others came back off LTIR. LTIR doesn't help unless you are spending to the cap and even then, it doesn't help much.
Detroit got a draft pick for Leino. We gave up a draft pick and got Carcillo... who is barely managing to hold onto a roster spot right now.

Moreover, the Upshall trade didn't even solve the cap problem it was supposedly geared towards solving.

So, if you want to compare the Upshall deal to the Leino deal you'd end up with: Detroit did it right, and Holmgren butchered it.

My problem with the Homer chatter on this site is people talk about Randy Jones, Matt Walker, Jody Shelley, Scotty Upshall, Steve Eminger over and over without ever mentioning Ville Leino, Braydon Coburn, Kimmo Timonen, Scott Hartnell, Chris Pronger, and the numerous good moves that offset the bad.
BS. Read more.

He is a Home-run hitter that strikes out from time to time. I much prefer that to Bob Gainey/Dean Lombardi who sit on their hands scared to lose a deal. People continue to ignore the team results as a factor,e ignore the positive deals, won't give Homer the Pronger deal unless we win a Stanley Cup (the hardest trophy in sports to win), etc. So, Homer will never be fully accepted until the Flyers win a cup and I will be the first one on here saying - OK, enough already. Leave Homer alone - we just won it all, give it up, give it a rest, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!
Probably should have stopped before this paragraph, as the following is just too easy:

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