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01-18-2011, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by DJ Breadman View Post
Hey guys, I've been reading this board for a few years now and finally got my account activated after many tries, Habs are gonna win tonight and I predict PK rides the stick Tiger Williams style, LOL
I almost wish he does something like that. " Cue to all the haters : I will not change!
(what would be an appropriate english translation of "Je persiste et signe!)

Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
They don't show it in the replays, but Plekanec's celebration is a huge diss towards Briere.

I have no problem believing we have a group of players that are cocky and trashtalky.
Cammy yaps a lot, Gomez is a big talker, PK is PK, Plek does it in a very subtle way and is a big slasher, Price certainly must have it in him if we look at his celebrations, Darche is a loudmouth from what Pouliot has said, Gill always has his lips moving, MaxPac had no problem shoving Chara out of the way after scoring and you could hear him loudly scream ''Woooooo'', we had Lappy...So, I really don't find it hard to believe we have a group of cocky players, and I love it.
We might be a very small team, but I really don't get the impression teams are looking forward to playing us, especially not if it's in our building.
I love how it feels to see the image and hear McGuire and Dubé at the same time!

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