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10-09-2003, 10:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Lil Viking
Let me be the first to "Boo" you then. Would it have killed you to not add your own two cents to your translation? QUOTE]

Good point!!

But not only does he had his two cents after the translation. But he also changes the traslation A LOT. I have to say that guy did a REALLY bad translation. Not cause his english/french is bad. But he makes Brisebois sound like is so much more cocky then what he actually said.

je joue bien = I play well, REALLY NOT : i'm a good player.

There is a HUGE difference there buddy (buddy referring to MAxHAb). You can be a good player and play poorly. Or you can just be the worst player of the team and still play a good game. Anyways I won't lose my time explaining it all to you, because i'm pretty sure you know the difference and your translation was on purpose since we can clearly see that you don't like Brisebois at all.

That makes me angry
Acutally "Je suis un bon joueur" (wich it what it sais) means "im a good player" where does it say je joue bien, maybe you should actually read the french version before trying to correct me...

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