Thread: Rumor: Benn being used as bait?
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01-18-2011, 11:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Biz Nasty View Post
Spend some time around here long enough and you'll learn that apparently every trade offer in the NHL involves "GM A calling GM B with Offer X and GM B laughing hysterically before hanging up on GM A"...I need a little more humor in my professional life, I guess I should've been an NHL Executive because all you do is laugh all day, apparently.

In any event, despite the petty back and forth, a deal around Goligoski for Benn/Neal with tweaking makes sense. Letang is a very young Norris candidate that is only getting better...young wingers come and go, #1 Defensemen don't. Neal/Benn/Ericsson are all nice young players with 30 goal potential...that's nice, we'd love to say we have one of those right now...but when talking about trading Letang, which won't happen, we better be talking about a guy that is more like 40+ goal potential. Maybe Ericsson has that type of ceiling, but that isn't a deal that helps there ends the Letang talk.

Everyone wants to propose a deal that greatly benefits their own team while not giving up anything of value, while summarily laughing off any deal that hints at making sense. Welcome to HFBoards.
I'll assume that last comment was directed at me, so I'll respond.

Trading Loui Eriksson does not make sense for the Stars.

That's why I laughed.

Nothing against Letang, but Eriksson's staying right where he is. Pens fans seem to think the same of Letang, so let's leave it at that.

Man, these Pens-Stars proposals always end the same way, don't they?

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