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01-18-2011, 11:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Asterix View Post
I would say that Price's impact is pretty substantial.
not ready to put him in the hall of fame yet... but he certainly has played a hell of a lot better this year then the last 2. goalies can sometimes really impress the hell out of you for 2-3 years without actually winning anything then go poof and disappear. so i will be hesitant to ever call a young goalie a superstud until he wins a few big big big games on his own.

id be more inclined to give Fleury a nod as the elite goalie drafted over this 10 years... but he has had ups and downs and ups and downs and has a damn good team in front of him most the time.

i really like to see 3-4 years in row from a goalie where every one asked ranks the guy top 5 in the NHL before i say he is a legitimate hall of fame impact guy.

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