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01-19-2011, 01:09 AM
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Originally Posted by MVW View Post
Would Boston accept a trade for Iggy, that had TO's 1st going back the other way along with Colborne and Ryder?
No it was just said a cuple posts ago TOR 1st and colborne wont be going the other way together, and TOR 1st wont be going the other way probably at all seeing as how Flames fans will insist on multiple other pieces going too.

Bruins can enjoy seguin who was also mentioned earlier and wont be traded for an aging star, TOR 1st (whomever it may end up being) colborne and krejci A LOT longer than iginla will be in Calgary.

flames fans need to temper expectations. i dont think he is going anywhere but dont kid yourselves thinking your gonna trade an aging iginla for a young stud and a lottery pick or a young stud and top prospect. just not happening thats not how the cap era works

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