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01-19-2011, 02:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Lunatik View Post
think about it in these terms for a minute... from your GMs perspective...

- you have Thomas having one of the best years any goaltender has every had
- Chara is still performing very well
- you have 5 forwards that could finish with 20+ goals

it really looks like a season wher eyou have a solid chance to win...

now say he is considering Iginla... and does offer the package you suggested... but Montreal offers a similar package with Eller instead of Colborne... if Feaster calls back saying the Habs have offered the same do you not think its possible for Boston to give up the Toronto 1st... not only to ensure they land Iginla... but to make sure Montreal doesn't... because lets be honest there is no way the Bruins want to lose a bidding war to Montreal for Iginla
Its definately a possibility, i for one think it is rediculous how over-valued draft picks are on HFB including that TOR 1st, but it would definately reshape the trade, for example i do not think PC would trade a lottery pick AND colborne his top prospect along with other pieces (krejci was mentioned LOL) to accomodate the cap. especially with how the bruins are set up for the future. (aside from recchi and thomas everyone is under 35 and only chara, savard and thorton are all 33, two of which are signed long term and will probably play that long, i truely believe savard will play most of his contract out) The rest are under 30 In fact most of the squad is 27 and younger

I would LOVE to see iggy come to boston but not at the expense of TOO MUCH of the future

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