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Originally Posted by DevsFan84 View Post
I'm not familiar with that brand of stick, but the answer to that is simple: In Canada, coaches tend to teach their kids to keep their dominant hand on top of the stick, the opposite being true here in the states. Since 85ish% of the population is right handed, there is your answer.

Of course, this isn't set in stone- people do different things on both sides of the border.
They have been giving away free sticks on HTM. and they range from $55 and up with the good models in the $99. I bought a SK 200 100 flex P2(Bauer P92) for $55. May be something to look into for your store.
If you call the guy, he has a whole bunch of things that aren't on his site, but he may not answer right away. I left an email and he called me back later that night. Said they were getting some crazy call volumes and inquiries from the Radio spots on Home Ice and HTM.

Originally Posted by Colin226 View Post
My brother came up with a good theory that a lot of Americans grow up playing baseball, and most baseball players bat righty.. Well, righty hitters stand to the left of home plate, so it makes sense that they would pick up a hockey stick and also stand to the left of the puck.. Zach Parise bats lefty in baseball, and is a lefty hockey player..

I would be interested in analyzing how NHL players (and MLB players who grew up playing hockey) bat and shoot a puck.. I think you would see a lot of guys doing the same thing
There was a discussion on this a while ago, but it always goes in circles. I play golf/Baseball righty, but Lefty in hockey. My three brothers are all righty's. I almost chalked it up to when (age) you start, but no real scientific data.

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