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01-19-2011, 08:46 AM
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I'm finally hitting a point now where I'm scoring goals very regularly in league. What I found makes the biggest difference is getting the puck into high scoring areas and having a very quick release on your shot.

My first year, I lost the puck a lot trying to dangle because my stick was too long and I was inexperienced. My second year, I improved my stickhandling but my skating wasn't as good, so I wasn't able to get into good scoring areas. My third year, I started to put it together but my shot was kind of weak and slow, plus I played defense.

This year, I feel confident when I get the puck that I can carry it up ice with speed, get into a good scoring area, and I changed my shot over the summer so it's got a much quicker release to it by using no-windup snapshots instead of big wrist shots. I don't even aim, I just fire it at the net. Subconsciously, I'm trying to pick corners or find open net, but mostly just quick release.

You really need to work on all aspects of the game, but one of the last things that will happen is your brain to really "slow it down" and get yourself into scoring areas. But to get there, you have to work on your skating (both speed and agility), your puck control, your vision (head up), and your strength. And once you're there, you need a quick shot.

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