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01-19-2011, 08:50 AM
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Shoot and Shoot and Shoot.

Shoot pucks until it becomes second nature and you don't have to think about it. Practice getting more power, practice quick release, practice getting shots off from difficult spots. And always practice accuracy. I am always trying to ring every shot off the inside of a post or crossbar.


Think about your common situations.

Where do you get the most opportunities for getting shots off? Are you a fast winger who can shoot 3 or 4 times a game after creating some space on the outside of the d? Do you walk out of the corner often after winning a fore check? Do you get a lots of breakaways?

Once you recognize these spots come up with a game plan of what you are going to create and practice it. For example, as a right handed center I get lots of opportunities where I move to open ice on the left wing, get the puck and then cut back parallel to the blue line to the slot. I try and wait for the goalie to move off of his post and as soon as he starts to track me off I shoot a quick release to the side of the net he just left. The goalies momentum make it difficult to get back in front of this shot.


If you don't shoot you can't score.

Throw lots of puck at the net. As many as you can. If you throw enough **** at a wall some of if will stick.


Go to the net.

When you don't have the puck in the offensive zone and one of your team mates is going to shoot, go to the net. And stop. And stay there for rebounds. Don't cruise through the area and keep going to the corner or behind the net. Stay there, get body position on the D and fight for those rebound. You can score a bucket load of ugly goals from right there.

Just a few ideas to get you started. Goal scorers are not born, they are made. They recognize opportunities, think deeper, and practice harder than the rest.

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