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Originally Posted by Bobcat110 View Post
For best atmosphere, wait another week and do the Sabres game. It will definately sellout because it's the last home game of the year and because of the busses of drunk Sabres fans. The Blue Jackets do lots of giveaways for the last game of the season, including the "game jerseys off the player's backs" promo which has the players come out after the game and sign over their sweaty jerseys to "randomly selected" fans. The only thing that is obsurd is that there will be at least one Sabres fan on the ice getting a signed game worn jersey while thousands of season ticketholders watch from the stands. The Blackhawks game should draw well too, but I doubt a sellout unless CBJ are still in playoff hunt.

For hotel, I usually bid $45 on Priceline for a "3* Downtown Columbus" hotel. I've been placed in the Hyatt Regency (1 block), Doubletree (4 blocks), Rennaissance (5 blocks) or Hyatt on Capital Square (7 blocks). Even with taxes/fees, you can often spend less than $60 for a nice hotel room in walking distance of the arena.

For tickets, the Blue Jackets have their own resale site that allows season ticket holders to sell their tickets. You get an immediate e-mail with printable tickets upon payment. Since the game is still a couple months out, there's not much inventory yet, but season ticketholders will start listing their seats as we get closer to the game.
Well, I'm a Blackhawks fan born and raised in Chicago, so that's why I want to go that game. I really don't care to see a Sabres game this year, with their play, or lackthereof.

Sounds good about the hotel. We just did that for the Nashville game, on Hotwire I think, and were fairly disappointed with the results. The one hotel that is a mile+ away from the stadium, and on the other side of the expressway, is of course the hotel we get. Still had a blast though, and taking a cab isn't the end of the world.

Originally Posted by kirsi View Post
$70 a ticket! That's he--a expensive. If you are a student I would think about student tickets but those aren't guaranteed so... do what you see fit There might be some ticket promotions that game. Those deals are pretty sweet (check out the schedule for that info). Most views are pretty good. Personally I hate glass seats and would rather sit in the upper bowl corners/center ice or behind the net lower bowl.

Friday games are pretty fun (even weeknight games with 10,000 people are fun). Blackhawks draw a big crowd (sellout) and it will be crazy (like you are in the United Center...). I don't know much about area hotels because I stay in my house ()

There is a lot to do in Columbus. It depends what you like and what you don't have in Atlanta that we have (I am unfamiliar with the city, btw...). The zoo is great (attached aquarium in zoo is lame), but about 20 minutes away from downtown. There is a waterpark there too. There are some cool malls around but those are very... mallish (easton, polaris). The Short North is very cool and very local. Lots of neat shops and things to eat (jeni's ice cream comes to mind). you should check out the north market, right by the area, also lots of local meats, cheeses, beers, salsas, food, etc. There are a lot of great golf courses in Columbus.

Other people have cooler ideas than me, I'm sure

Well, the tickets in that section, and in comparable sections, are going for well over $100... so in comparison to that, it doesn't seem so bad. And they won't be directly on the glass, they'll be exactly where I prefer actually. Very close to the action, but high enough you still get a bit of a birds view aspect. I'll have to check out the student thing, but not sure it will apply depending on if/where I get the tickets from.

Ideally, I'd hit up a bar prior and after the game... but not really sure on Saturday. Wouldn't stick around too long, but probably find somewhere to get lunch, and hit up the main local attraction they have, if there is one. Would love to golf out there, but won't have the time. Probably would prefer to just get back home, so I'm not too tired from all the drinking and the long drive back.

Thanks for the suggestions guys.

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